My friend is getting married on Friday!  She is an amazing young woman with two kids from previous relationships, who has really turned her life around and surrendered to Christ.  And so, to her, I write this post.

My Dear Ham

I am so proud of you.  You are growing into exactly what God would have you to be and are being blessed.  Stebie is a great guy and I know that, together, you will be an amazing couple.  I only have a few things to remind you of, before you begin your journey together.

Remember, he is a guy!  And I don’t mean that to sound sexist in any way.  Men are wonderful.  But, God didn’t design him to be just like you.  God made him different.  And different is good!  Tell him when you want him to fix something and when you just need to rant.  He’s not a mind reader, he won’t know unless you tell him.

Respect him.  If you want him to fix something, let him do it without second guessing every move.  Trust him not to blow you up (remember the furnace?).  I know that you have been hurt before, but this is a new man who loves God and you and loves your kids and wants to take care of you.  He will do what is good for you.  If you show him this respect and trust, he will learn to reciprocate more openly with love.

I love you, My Friend.  Remember that marriage will not solve all of your problems…but God can.  Do your best not to replace God with Stebie.  It is an easy thing to do.  Stebie is here.  He’s tangible.  But he’s not God.  Let God be God and Stebie be Stebie and things will go swimmingly.

God Bless and Congratulations!