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My mom and I had a talk about faith this morning and it left me thinking…how much faith is enough to move a mountain?  Does it take more faith to pray for specific things (healings for example) or to pray for God’s will?  Romans 12 tells us that God has given each person a certain amount of faith.  (Romans 12:3  )

The control freak that I am, finds it harder to pray for God’s will.  In praying that His will be done, I am leaving the entire situation in His hands and trusting that it will work out for my good.  (Romans 8:28  “All things work together for good to them that love the LORD and are called according to His promise.”)  It takes more faith for me to give it all to Him.  But how do we reconcile this with verses that talk about having the faith of a mustard seed and sending a mountain on a walk across the country?   (Matthew 17:20, 21:21)

I think the key comes in Psalm37:4  “Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  When we spend our time trying learning about Him, worshiping Him, talking to Him our desires change.  They line up with His will.  This is one of those “if…then” promises.

Is it wrong to pray for someone’s healing? Certainly not!  But sometimes God has something else in mind.   Sometimes illnesses and injuries come about as a natural consequence of our own actions.  If God took away every owie, would we ever learn the lesson?  Sometimes these things happen to accomplish a greater good.  There are many Christians who were born with some sort of handicap or illness.  They did nothing wrong.  But God allows them to go through all of this in order to accomplish His will on earth.  In Acts 3, Peter and John heal a man who was lame from birth.  Begging was a career for this man.  Beggars had permits that allowed them to beg in certain areas.  Verse 10 tells us that everyone recognized him as the beggar who sat by that gate.  So, here was this man who had been there for awhile.  How many times had Jesus, Himself, walked past this man and not healed him?  It wasn’t his time yet.   God waited until this moment to do the job.  He used Peter and John to further the kingdom through this miracle.  Through this healing, the church grew to include 5,000 men.

So, my challenge today is to give it all to Him.  He knows your needs and He really does want what is best for you.  You don’t have to agree with Him, you don’t even have to like it all the time.  I am sure that He understands that.  But, in praying for God’s will, you allow Him to work.  And you grow!


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